I am Pol, a holistic life coach committed to helping you make your life better and more beautiful.


I believe that when we set a clear intention and take action steps, magic happens!

Life Coaching

I provide coaching for personal goals, relationships, spiritual development, career and entrepreneurship. I take a holistic approach incorporating behavioral facilitation and other modalities to help you shine light upon what your authentic self wants you to see.

Holistic Healing

Healing is a natural part of life and a healing coach can help you move through your journey welcoming Grace. Through energy healing, body intuition and communication, and spiritual psychology, you may welcome lightness into your path.

Life Challenges

Emotional challenges, relationships, trauma, psychological issues and end-of-life conditions are amongst the many situations that so many of us face. Having a partner can help open you to your source of life, free your mind, and empower your being for whatever your situation presents.

Authentic Freedom is Everything


There is a Grace that can arise by partnering on our journey. Having someone on our side helps us find our inner freedom and achieve our goals. Some of the patterns we face were given and others were co-created in response to our environment. To create new, it helps to go beyond ourselves. That’s why working together with a coach can offer more leverage. Through presence and multiple modalities, we together facilitate authentic freedom so that you continue to grow as the author of your own life, and as a fuller expression of your life force. 


In life, we tend to pursue any number of opportunities. What holds our focus and passion — positively or negatively— can be a great opportunity for courage and freedom. So whether it’s that relationship that means so much, a job or career, health or a disability challenge, or an enterprising goal, it is through these journeys that we grow. Together, we’ll work through a gentle dance of inner and outer means, to invite your authentic self to grow and guide your way forward.


Behavioral facilitation is the foundation for coaching. For greater depth and leverage, I also utilize a range of holistic positive psychology methods from person centered facilitation to neural linguistic programming; mind-body methods such as consciousness-body projection, somatic experiencing and brainspotting for trauma; creative methods such as art therapy to express your inner landscape safely on canvas; and holistic methods including energy healing, beyond-self invocation, and personality-and inspiration-based esoteric systems.

University of Santa Monica

Master of Spiritual Psychology
Holistic Counseling

The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards

Advanced Certified Autism Specialist
Behavioral Facilitation for Autism, ADHD and Anxiety

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Professional Coaching Program
Life Coaching

Theo Seminars

Intuitive Guidance
Holistic Facilitation

George Washington University 

Center for Integrative Medicine
Reiki I & II

Harvard University

Master in Public Administration


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