I am a multi-disciplinary, social sector creative committed to making the world a better and more  beautiful place.


I believe that when we do things with passion, magic happens!

Brand Strategy

I offer facilitation and design on brand strategy. With a background in entrepreneurship and business facilitation, I help firms align their strategy and establish brand.

Education & Coaching

With training in public administration, technology and holistic psychology, I’ve served as an educator, a programs director and also provide holistic coaching for individuals.

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Design | Development

With formal training as a designer and developer, I provide creative services leadership and creative direction and do graphic design, UX/UI and front-end web/application development.


International Poverty Relief

For an international non-profit operating in 35 countries, I led a team of economic development specialists supporting programs in 35 countries and 13 micro-finance institutions. Together we fostered economic relief for poor and disenfranchised populations in war afflicted regions facing food insecurity, starvation, corruption, disease and literacy issues.

Mercy Corps
Director, Economic Development

Design + Code Education

I led academic departments, authored curriculum and taught graphic design, UX design and web development for several institutions including Boston University, Montgomery College and the New York Code + Design Academy.

Boston University, Center for Digital Imaging Arts
Director of Graphic & Web Programs

Entrepreneurship Program

For a US State Department and National Science Foundation funded foundation, I pioneered an entrepreneurship program (STEP) in the Caucasus and Black Sea regions leveraging cluster service provider networks and international donor agencies to catalyze the development of micro-ventures across the region. Sectors included: agriculture, biotechnology, chemicals, environment, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, and machinery.

CRDF Global
Senior Program Manager

Romanian Economy

For for the Romanian Government, I led a team of 10 researchers, and together we conducted cluster competitiveness assessments for the government to choose priority sectors for investment. We focused on SMEs, exports, and FDI to prepare for EU accession. I also conducted a cross-sector economic analyses and program design.

US Agency for International Development
Team Leader, Competitiveness

Siberian Timber Industry

For the USAID FOREST Project, I led the Siberian timber industry cluster through strategic planning involving cluster analysis and co-developed strategies to improve waste management, transport, market access and coordination on labor and production. The project took place in Kodinsky, Siberia, Russia—The Siberian forest was extraordinarily beautiful (and cold).

US Agency for International Development
Economic Advisor

Tech Accelerator

I architected the pilot year of a US Government funded accelerator program and led graphic and motion graphic design. The accelerator fostered technology commercialization and business growth. In the first year, 100 companies were accepted into the program and had nearly $90 million in R&D investment, 366 patents and were located in 36 states.

Beyond 3
Director, Strategic Innovation

Mauritius Industry

For a US State Department funded project in the island country of Mauritius, I conducted an assessment of several information and communications technology services industries to promote economic growth. Assessments involved government ministries, offshore companies, firms, telecommunications operators, call centers, associations, committees, and NGOs, and resulted in a cluster development strategy.

US Dept of State Contract
Economic Advisor

Trade & Diplomacy

For the British Foreign Service, I conducted transatlantic SME export promotion and inward investment in high technology and served as the national telecommunications sector leader for US trade network. I also served as a diplomat in the US and UK, received government missions and did a project for Prince Andrew.

UK Foreign Service
Her Majesty's Hon. Vice Consul (Trade)

Foreign Advocacy

For an international development corporation, I led the design of multimedia products for officials in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Eurasia, Middle East and South America. Products advocated to ministers and legislators to pass policies and programs benefiting women, families, health and the economy. Funders included: USAID, Gates Foundation, Packard Foundation, and international donors.

Creative Director

Caribbean Trade

For a USAID Caribbean Program, I conducted cluster development, capacity building, and technical assistance to enterprises and business service providers. We stimulated growth through economic corridors/value chain methods in tourism, ICT, garment manufacturing, shared services, food and beverages, and agro-processing.

US Agency for International Development
Director of Trade & Competitiveness

Throughout my career, I’ve held a passion for innovation. Starting as a communications engineer, I invented and architected digital communication systems used by governments and corporations such as AT&T, Alcatel, Siemens and Samsung.

Later I led international and domestic business, creating new business models and an international network of resellers in the Telecom software industry.

For a global foundation and a local tech accelerator, I pioneered science and technology entrepreneurship programs. The international program, called STEP, operated in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova.


I’ve worked at the forefront of international economic development, poverty relief and emergency aid. For Mercy Corps, an international non-profit, CRDF Global and USAID programs, I facilitated economic growth through market systems and cluster development in Antigua & Barbuda, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dominica, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Indonesia, Liberia, Romania, Mauritius, Moldova, Russia (including Siberia), Thailand, and Vietnam.

For the UK Foreign Service, as Her Majesty’s Hon. Vice Consul (Trade), I conducted international trade development and technology transfer facilitating relationships between corporations such as British Telecom and the MIT Media Lab and transatlantic exports and inward investment.


As a Creative Director for Palladium, I’ve led the production of multimedia advocacy products used to influence legislators from developing countries to fund programs for the betterment of women, children and families in over 25 countries. The products included print and digital design, web applications (including the front-end coding), video and motion graphics.

For Boston University, Center for Digital Imaging Arts, I served as Director of the Graphic & Web Programs authoring curriculum, hiring and training teachers and teaching and coaching students. For Montgomery College and the  New York Code + Design  Academy, I teach front-end web development. In addition, I’ve taught communications and entrepreneurship worldwide.

Harvard University

Master of Public Administration
International Economics

University of Vermont

Bachelor of Engineering
Computer & Software Engineering

Rutgers University

Master of Engineering
Digital Communications

George Washington University

Center for Integrative Medicine
Reiki I & II

University of Santa Monica

Master of Spiritual Psychology
Holistic Counseling

Boston University

Certificate in Graphic & Web Design