I’m a holistic guide for healing. The issue you may be facing in the moment might be of any internal or external nature. By moving out of fear and opening to grace, we move back into the source and balance, peace and joy. When I was a child I once received a clay sculpting toy that consisted of a plastic figurine—such as a man on a horse or a sports figure—inside of a block of clay. When I was given this toy, I was disappointed because I wanted to sculpt the clay according to my imagination, not simply remove clay from outside of a plastic figurine. The toy served me nonetheless.

I realized that we are all like the figurines in the middle of the block of clay. We aren’t being sculpted. Instead, we are removing the clay to realize who we are, to align with source intention. And because our eyes point outward, we look to the “outside” world to reflect who we are back to us. As we interact with the outside world, we remove more clay and unveil more of ourselves. The peril in this, however, is that all of us project upon each other. So those we interact with are projecting about themselves as much as they are reflecting us back to us. And when we give others this power, we may experience hurt and pain by believing those projections are true.

Unveiling our true self is our Divine journey meant to be traveled in joy and the mystery of discovery, like that of a child unwrapping gifts excited about discovering what they will find inside. With so many judgments that we consciously and unconsciously consume from our family, ancestry, society, peers and past lives, we sometimes loose this joy and focus instead on temporary outcomes along the way.

To unveil ourselves as designed by creation, we need each other. If we source from our soul, we would reflect each other from loving truth. It is that kind of safe space that I hold to serve as your soul mirror. We are perfect in all of our imperfection. So to unveil and align to our highest self, we do so in creation-love. This kind of love is the pure joy of creation; the love of all that is, all that was, and all that will be. It is the kind of love that sees the beauty in each soul. I welcome any who choose to open to grace. Whether the issue at the moment is love or life healing, I am here for you.


My approach is to source from my spirit to serve you in your journey. I source in my holistic self to facilitate healing through grace. My primary tool is Somatic Light Healing. In addition, I offer service as a healing coach using spiritual psychology, energy sensing, multidimensional channeling, claircognizance, soul/spirit communication, intuition, remote healing, and other modalities. I shine light upon what your highest self wants to heal, release or open through grace.

Pol Lines


My background includes coaching, teaching, entrepreneurship, new media, software, international trade, business, economics, and engineering. In addition to spiritual work, I have a background in international diplomacy and trade for the UK Foreign Service; international economic development; emergency, humanitarian and poverty relief; and social enterprise. I pioneered a science and technology entrepreneurship program in four countries and began my career as a telecommunications software engineer. My education includes a master in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica, a master in international economics from Harvard University, a master in engineering from Rutgers University, and Reiki II certification from George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine.