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Somatic Light Healing

Somatic Light Healing

Somatic Light Healing is a profound process by which consciousness, energy, and universal light come together to heal and balance for the highest good. The process begins in the body as a point of entry for energy work. The energy is directed as a point of grace that fills through all of the layers of consciousness to heal and balance both the cause and the effect of imbalances. Where Reiki energy is directed while the practitioners hands are actively working, Somatic Light Healing is more akin to a healing injection that continues to work at all levels until complete.

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Spirit-Led Intuitive

My name is Pol Klein. As your guide, I turn to source to align, connect, and channel what is needed and called for by your highest self to facilitate your journey. In addition to Somatic Light Healing, I offer coaching which can involve claircognizance, multidimensional telepathy, spiritual psychology; intuition; energy sensing; and soul/spirit communication. My background includes a master in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica, an MPA from Harvard University, an MSEE from Rutgers University, Reiki II certification from George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine and life coach training from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Phoenix, AZ. I'm also a Oneness Blessing Giver.

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Spirit-Led Intuitive


Healing is the application of Love to the places that hurt inside. I call this process Grace.

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Welcome yourself home within yourself with a calming video to center in your knowing.



  • Your light is so incredible. The world needs you.

    Charly, Medium (Ontario, CA)
  • Your interview carried me today. I listened to it three times before the meeting. Fact. Thank YOU!

    Joan (Fairfax, VA)
  • I so relate with all you shared today with us. You answered my question to nicely and profoundly. I got I need to trust more and to choose in every moment to be my authentic self; it is not a place to reach, but a choice to take.

    Melana (Lima, Peru)
  • Your time, support, intuition, and kindness are treasured […] with Divine gratitude.

    Tammy (Richmond, VA)
  • You are amazing I have been wanting to understand better. Everything I see on your page is exactly what I have been looking to learn. No coincidences. Thank you.

    Laura (San Antonio, TX)



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