Spiritual Science

Spiritual Science



Metaphysics essentially means what is beyond the physical. The universe that exists outside us holds infinitely more than we can see, hear, touch etc. However like a mirror, everything is also within. The entire multiverse is available to us. Think of existence as an infinite hall of mirrors in all directions. In spiritual reality, every version of each of us exists at the same time and at all times. Richard Bach, well known author of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” wrote a beautiful book about love called “A Bridge Across Forever.” In that novel, he describes all that exists (or the multiverse) as being like a blanket where each thread in the weave is a different lifetime for the same person. This infinite blanket contains all of our lifetimes based upon every decision we make, at all times. In other words, we are everywhere living out all choices at once.


What is essential is that we have access to all of it because we are all one in Spirit. We can access everything within ourselves. By focusing our consciousness on this lifetime in this body, we forget that we have universal internal and external resources. This veil is designed to naturally take us through a journey, a thread in time. However, we can work with all of our resources if we open to Spirit. This is why we all have those moments of alignment when we feel perfection. It might be that perfect golf swing, an incredible teaching moment, or a perfect connection looking in the eye of a loved one or child. In these moments we are fully soul aligned. This is our guidance home within ourselves and the vast Spiritual reality. What matters most is that we foster our own soul alignment by first acknowledging what cannot be easily seen by the naked eye. Call this faith, trust, intuition, or inner knowing. Use this as our source as much as what we can see and touch, and in a gentle dance we empower ourselves to live our purpose; our full life.