Strategy, Branding & Coaching

All of the following compacts include all three services: strategy, branding and coaching. However, they emphasize one over the others, and begin with a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

Complimentary Consultation

During the complimentary consultation, you’ll be guided to the essence of the opportunity related to your challenge, needs or concerns, and an outline of a possible plan is discussed.


Align Compact

Strategy coaching to facilitate re-evaluation of your market strategy to focus on a compelling market segment and penetrate that segment and become the segment leader. Additional relative market segments may also be identified and sequenced. All revisions to strategy are pilot tested and experientially validated.

Brand Compact

Brand development and coaching includes a brand review and creation or enhancement of a logo, website and marketing collateral. Central to this compact is also messaging based on the essence of your venture. Tagline(s), value proposition messaging and content are all established or enhanced to convey rapid and easy comprehension of both the function and value proposition of your offering to your target market.

Partner Compact

A coaching partner who has led business can make it easier to navigate decisions, focus on results, and improve impact. The partner compact may include elements of other compacts and may involve coaching partnership to navigate any activity from human resources to sales processes.